A Handy Checklist for Year-End Planning



The holidays are a busy time of year. Shopping, family events, company holiday parties, and more may dot your calendar. But I strongly suggest that you carve out some time for year-end financial planning so that you will be better positioned as the new year begins.

9 smart planning moves for year-end

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A College Education Minus the Debt

Fully funding a college education without debt is no simple task. It’s no secret that the cost of a four-year degree has soared. But do you realize how much it has risen?

According to Education Data Initiative, the average cost of college tuition and fees at four-year public schools has risen 179% over the last 20 years. It’s an average annual increase of 9.0%.

The average cost of tuition and fees at private four-year schools has risen 124% over the same period for an average annual increase of 6.2%.

That is an increase from an annual cost of $3,349 to $9,349 for a public university and $14,616 to $32,769 for a private school.

The statistics are sobering, and students are piling up unmanageable debts to secure a degree.

But there are ways to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and avoid or at least minimize the need to take on debt.

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Financial Dangers Facing Women in Retirement


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Social security is a good supplement, but it is not nor was it ever designed to fully meet your financial needs in retirement.

Saving for retirement is a deliberate choice. Unfortunately, women face greater challenges than men when it comes to setting aside funds for retirement.

For example, according to the Department of Labor

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What comes next?

Below is an email that was sent out this week to clients with my perspective on how the crisis in Ukraine could affect markets.

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