The Value of Advice

Money is always going to be a problem until you decide you’re done letting it be a problem.

Think of everything (literally everything) in the world — there’s a natural risk built in.

No guarantees.

Buying a new car. Moving cities. Having Kids. Taking a new job or client…

You evaluate the opportunity, think through the risk scenario and variables, and then you “jump”.

You can “hedge your bets” and I definitely recommend diversifying - personally, I want to make sure I’m spending my time (and money) on things that hold the very best chance of producing a return (this includes personally, emotionally, financially, etc.)

But here’s the thing…

Regardless of what area of your life / business / finances we’re talking about - it is almost always, universally riskier to drag your feet and “figure it out on your own”. I honestly can’t think of the last skill I learned “on my own”.

It’s become so much more efficient and, just plain smarter, to pay somebody to teach me and speed up the curve.

Your life, finances and business are complex and mistakes are costly - the people who understand this come out on top.

That is all!

Happy Friday…