Our Process

At Water Street, we believe that every client is unique. Our goal is to get to know them as individuals, understand their vision for the future and help them map out a plan for success.

  • Discovery

    Every relationship begins with learning about dynamics. Where are you currently? What is your vision for the future? When do you want to achieve your goals? This discovery phase also allows us to establish :

    • What we do
    • How we are compensated
    • What our responsibilities are
  • Design YOUR PLAN

    We take a holistic look at every aspect of your financial health. Once we evaluate your current state, we will craft a plan with strategies to help achieve your goals. This process involves meeting with you to:

    • Review recommendations
    • Listen to feedback
  • Implementation

    Once you accept our recommendations, the plan is implemented. Depending on the specific recommendation, the implementation and action items will be completed by:

    • Water Street Wealth Management
    • You, the client
    • Outside professionals including estate planning attorneys, CPAs and insurance specialists.
  • Maintenance

    Life is always changing. Once your plan is implemented, we continually monitor and communicate the progress towards your goals. We will develop a communication plan that makes sense and adjust recommendations as needed along the way. Planning a client’s personal finances is not a one-time event. We’re with our clients every step of the way!


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