What is Financial Life Mind Mapping?

At Water Street Wealth, we don’t just give advice …we help our clients take action. Whether it’s saving for retirement or a big vacation; protecting your income or coordinating with your CPA and Estate Attorney to reduce taxes; Saving for college or leaving a legacy… We help our clients to take action on important decisions...Continuously. It can be a long journey… with lots of seasons, hidden dangers, and opportunities. Which is why our clients always have a map, a plan, and a guide.

Our hands-on approach isn’t for everyone. To find out if we’re right for you, schedule an appointment, and begin creating your Financial Life Mind-Map. Within minutes, we’ll help you complete your map and summarize your plan. Within an hour, you can already be taking action.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


The Value of Advice

Money is always going to be a problem until you decide you’re done letting it be a problem.

Think of everything (literally everything) in the world — there’s a natural risk built in.

No guarantees.

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On to the next chapter!

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues:

Life is always full of surprises! Twists, turns and new opportunities. As a lot of you may know, yet some of you may not, I am excited to announce that as of yesterday, Water Street Wealth Management is officially open for business. Water Street is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL. I specialize in a client-centric approach to investment management and financial planning—focusing on all aspects of financial well-being.

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